Readers Are Saying

"Home with Henry features an outer story—the rescue of a stray cat—but beneath waits a deeper tale, the truth that sometimes the things we reach out to save end up saving us. Told with patience and compassion, Home with Henry is a testament to the powers of love and the triumph of trust."

 -Curtis Smith, Best American Short Stories author

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“In this delightful memoir of urban living, a professional woman and a frightened kitten form a domestic partnership that turns a house into a home. It’s a tale told with wit, refreshing insight and above all, wisdom about the healing energies of friendship and kinship.”

-J. C. Todd, poet and Pew Fellow, author of Beyond Repair, Special Selection, Able Muse Book Award.

“There is wisdom in these pages and beauty. Home with Henry is embellished with Carol Chu’s soft, minimal illustrations that echo the fragility of Anne’s relationship with Henry.”

  -MaryAnn Miller, author of Locus Mentis.