“Kaier takes us deep within the longing body—the body struggling to break through its carapace of loneliness, to come closer to touch, tenderness, or least flesh. Her work is bluntly erotic, violently lyrical, surreal, mesmerizing.”
        -Minnie Bruce Pratt, Winner of the Lamont Poetry Award of the Academy of American Poets

Beauty Is A Verb:  The New Poetry of Disability

My craft essay “River Creature” and three of my poems appear in this groundbreaking anthology. Available on Amazon.

 "One of the defining collections of the 21st century...the discourse between ability, identity & poetry will never be the same."
                         -Ron Silliman, author of In The American Tree 

“At last we have a disability poetry book worthy of the complexity and maturity of the field of disability studies.”
                         -Lennard J. Davis, editor of The Disability Studies Reader

Read a review by Charles Bernstein, poet, professor, University of Pennsylvania:

Hear me read “Cosseted” from Beauty is a Verb


“My heart nearly stopped every two poems. This is a piercingly focused work—one that is almost brutal in its intense beauty. While the poet’s personal circumstances may be singular, her themes are universal: the problematic love between mother and daughter; the hunger of longing; the quest we all undertake to come to terms with ourselves.  Anne Kaier writes with poignancy, sure-footedness, eloquence, and power.”

         -Richard Wertime, winner of the James A. Michener Memorial Prize

Book Review - In Fire (Anne Kaier) (wordgathering.com)

Ordering info: $10.00. Contact AnneKaier@verizon.net

Illustration: Willow Bader
Hear me read “Why Do Pain And Fear Buy Heaven?” from Apiary

Hear me read “Touching Matisse” and an essay excerpt about an attempted cure for my skin in France.

Read "Touching Matisse." Scroll to page 33: